Desira Pesta is a trained theatrical and commercial actor with constant comparisons to Zooey Deschanel (& Katy Perry) because of a quirky, youthful demeanor, and edgy style; Kristen Wiig due to her expressive face, off-the-wall humor and quick wit; and with a great athletic ability & tomboy edge, Desira has a great range to work with. Possessing an incredible creative ability, be it writing, fashion design, fine art drawing, or costume design, Desira has been able to utilize her skills on set playing the lead, an aspiring fashion designer, in the upcoming indie drama Red Pearl shot Summer 2014 where she doubled as the film’s costume designer, an undercover cop in Peter Bogdanovich’s upcoming She’s Funny That Way,  “Ann Marie”, an FIT student rivaling Twilight’s Ashley Greene’s in a fashion competition for the ABC fashion drama pilot, Americana. She can also be seen in Seasons 1, 3, & 4 of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire as a 20’s era prostitute in Al Capone’s Chicago brothel. Desira is a talented improviser and loves challenging character roles whether they are on stage or on the big screen. She’s excited for what her acting future holds.

She’s co-founded two NYC-based theater companies and where she wrote and performed her own original plays with The John Doe Theatre Company. Desira’s original play, ‘Yess, TX’, which she performed with the John Doe Theatre Co. was written up in a September 2012 issue of the Wall Street Journal.


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